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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cancelled Conversions: Update

Copy of Supreme Rabbinic Court Decision: Here's the original 49 page decision in which the Rabbinic Court, headed by Rabbi Sherman (pictured), held that it's possible to question the status of a convert 15 years after she converted in Rav Druckman's Bet Din.

Letter from MK Menahem Ben-Sassoon to Prof. Daniel Friedman, Minister of Justice: On June 12, 2008, MK Ben Sassoon asked Prof. Friedman to adopt the recommendations of Ombudsman Tova Strasbourg-Cohen that Rabbi Sherman step down from the bench. Read the letter.

Interim Order: On Thursday, June 6, 2008, at 6pm, the Hon. J. Edmund Levi issued an interim order against the rabbinic courts. The order directs the courts to refrain from blacklisting our clients. The purpose of the order is to ensure that our clients’ status as Jews remains in tact. The interim order will stand unless modified by the Supreme Court.

Judge Levi gave the respondents 30 days to respond to the general petition, as well as to the order.

Copy of Initial Petition: Attached is a copy of the initial petition that we filed with the High Court of Justice against the Supreme Rabbinic Court's decision cancelling conversions.