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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Beit Din Stories: Savta BiKorta Tells All

Savta Bikorta is a fictional character created by the Center for Women's Justice to help the public understand just what happens behind the closed doors of the Rabbinic courts. Please visit Savta's page on our website:

Hear her chilling tales, featured in 5 YouTubes:
The Never-ending Story — how a woman hired a detective to find her husband, found him, brought him to the rabbinic court, and how the court let him go and 9 years have passed without remedy or relief. (English with Hebrew subtitles)

From the Beginning — how marital property issues are reopened in the rabbinic courts at the request of the husband, leaving both the wife’s personal status and property at the mercy of the husband and court. (Hebrew with English subtitles)

Taking Testimony in the Rabbinic Courts — how the rabbinic courts are clueless when it comes to evaluating the weight of evidence, and the near impossibility of proving domestic violence. (Hebrew with English subtitles)

Oops, You’re not a Jew — how the rabbinic court can undo a conversion of many years with sleight of hand, and when you’re not even expecting it and thought you were just going for a get. (Hebrew with English subtitles)

No Fault — how no fault of the husband is grounds for divorce. Even when a husband has molested his own child, the rabbinic courts do not view this as ground for divorce. (Hebrew with English subtitles)

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